Our heard management and genetic development programs have allowed us to produce and offer some of the biggest and best Whitetail hunting in North America right here in Pennsylvania. . The proper selection of genetics is essential to Trophy Whitetail Deer Breeding and producing some of the finest Breeder Bucks and Super Does in Alabama. Book the hunt of a lifetime with big cove whitetails, located in beautiful Fulton County, Pennsylvania. The owner and guides of Hunt Mill Hollow Ranch have a passion for high standards and will always provide you with excellent service and hospitality. Hunt Mill Hollow Ranch is a 4300 acre private, high fence wilderness in the beautiful hardwood and pine covered Ozark Mountains of Eastern Oklahoma. Exotic Hunts in Colorado for Watutsi, Water Buffalo, Yak, Fallow Bucks, and Trophy Longhorn Bulls; with meals and lodging included. Our herd features deer with typical and non-typical rack configurations of various sizes. We specialize in guaranteed trophy bull elk and guaranteed cow elk hunts on our Rocky Mountain hunting preserve! On the up to 375" package you can expect to harvest a bull somewhere between 350"-375", etc. It is not uncommon to see multiple Boone and Crockett racks every time you sit in the stand. Price includes: Lodging. Hunts our available from mid-August through mid-January. Since then, and through selective management Mr. Garza has introduced and managed new whitetail genetics from multiple deer breeders as well as exotic animals. We offer multiple hunting packages. Enjoy our luxury lodge or try our new Glamping experience. These packages are based on 25" incriments. Description: This is our most popular package and provides our guests with an opportunity at a beautiful trophy bull elk. The ranch lies in the heart of the "Media Luna", which is the northern part of the Rio Grande Valley. Our Kentucky trophy deer hunts offer an up north feel with down home southern comfort. Riverbend Whitetails is a fair chase, guided, trophy whitetail and turkey outfitter in beautiful Western Kentucky consisting of 6,000 acres of prime hunting land. With numerous roads and trails you can explore for miles and miles. Located in Central Alabama, The Swamp Whitetails is a 1500-acre high fence trophy whitetail deer hunting operation providing the ultimate deer hunting experience. Choose from a variety of hunts from trophy whitetail deer to ram . If you are looking to experience a true trophy whitetail hunting experience in the northeast, give us a call. We also give the deer a break between group hunts to increase the likelihood of success. Big Cove represents the lifetime memories of that day when you look at the mount on the wall. It is laced with a network of trails, food plots, beautiful streams and ponds, and has been intensively managed for trophy whitetail deer, elk, buffalo, and axis deer. uaranteed Colorado Elk Hunts for trophy bulls ranging from 300 inches to 500 inches, with meals and lodging included. Minimum draw weight is 50 pounds when hunting deer. All of our hunts are one to three days, include one guide for every one or two hunters, and are all-inclusive with no hidden costs or surprises. The package you book determines the type of bull you will hunt. Due to the quality of our hunting guides and the amount of trophy game, you will see many trophy whitetails, elk, axis deer, and other exotic game. 3 Day/2 Night Guaranteed Hunt. At Hunt Mill Hollow Ranch we provide you with the opportunity to hunt a variety of exotics without the time and money spent traveling around the world. Contact us today to book your next hunting adventure! Bronze Whitetail Hunt (Up to 129 Gross Score)- $2,000, Silver Trophy Whitetail Hunt (130-159) - $4,000, Gold Trophy Whitetail Hunt (160-179)- $6,000, Platinum Trophy Whitetail Hunt (180-199)- $,8000, Diamond Trophy Whitetail Hunt (200+)- $10,000. The luxury lodge has a full-sized walk-in cooler to get that trophy cooled down quickly to make sure that those tenderloins taste their best on your grill back home! Whether your looking for a massive trophy to hang in your trophy room or a freezer full of nutritious buffalo meat, Hunt Mill Hollow Ranch can provide the best. The whole family will leave with a lifetime of memorable moments. (See the Rates Page for details.) The deer are stunning and enjoy the natural habitat that we provide for them. Our Texas High Fence hunts are a rewarding and challenging experience for all. $13,450.00. Daily Fee of $250 a day per hunter. We offer both Guaranteed Elk Hunting on our private high fence preserve. You should see deer ranging in age from 6 months to 6 years and you should also see racks of all sizes, including some that top 250 inches! For many hunters exotics from around the world are out of reach due to travel and the multiple expenses that come with a hunt out of the country. We will cater to your every need, from our comfortable five-star accommodations to the dressing and skinning of your trophy elk or whitetail deer. We specialize in units 13, 15, 16, 17, and 36. All-Inclusive Whitetail Deer Hunts in Ohio for trophy bucks ranging from 200 inches to 500+ inches, with meals and lodging included. We suggest booking early to reserve your spot. You want to take your trophy home and not let coyotes or birds get to it first. The best part about hunting with Hurricane Creek is that all hunts are Guaranteed! Absolutely awesome! Three or four blades recommended for your broadheads. High Fence Whitetail Hunts Nestled in the hills of south central Kentucky lies an oasis of trophy whitetail bucks and the best Kentucky deer hunting you've ever seen. Call early (Mark: 601-692-3224) or email (mckranch.mark@gmail.com) to book your preferred dates. Guaranteed Colorado Elk Hunts for trophy bulls ranging from 300 inches to 500 inches, with meals and lodging included. We offer a first-class hunting vacation for the whole family, friends, or corporate event that you will remember for a lifetime. No Buck, No Pay! If you are wanting to team-build within your corporate community or develop strong relationships with valued customers, a corporate event at Hunt Mill Hollow Ranch is a great choice. With One-on-One Guide service, we will sit with you in the stand to help you judge your trophy in the field and video your experience for a lifetime memory. As a bonus, we throw in a wild pig hunt free of charge. This ranch is truly a gem of native brush in the Media Luna. Native brush and a variety of cover offers the perfect combination of terrain for hunting aoudad, axis deer, blackbuck, eland, elk, gemsbok and more. Whitetail Deer Hunting The Hurricane Creek Preserve is a very large and intensely managed, high fenced hunting area containing some of the best whitetails in the world. Backcountry was born from a passion for hunting big game. $10,450.00 License: There is no license required for our high fence trophy elk hunts. Are you interested in a hog hunt but don't want to travel to Texas? Spend your evening resting under the stars, roasting marshmallows by the light of your own personal campfire. $13,450.00 We recommend a minimum caliber of .270. Our whitetail property was exclusively developed to create a truly high quality hunting experience. Therefore, as an example, on the up to 350" package you can expect to harvest a bull somewhere in the 325"-350" range. Shot placement is important. Wow your friends and family with some of the most unique white-tail antlers in the country. Our services, accommodations, and passionate guides will surpass your expectations on your next trophy hunt. Whether you are looking for a family vacation spot or a secluded spot for a private event, this ranch in South Texas is the perfect venue. be pleased with the game you see. No Buck, No Pay! Large food plots, regenerating clear-cuts, and managed stands of hardwood timber are throughout the property to allow us to grow and hunt the world class deer of Powder Ridge. With The Cross Oaks Ranch you can experience the best in Texas High Fence Hunting! Copyright LOH Outfitters 2022 | Powered by. Whether your corporate group shares a hunting experience or enjoys the solitude, beauty, and recreational activities, your stay at Hunt Mill Hollow Ranch will build and cement strong relationships with lasting memories. Join us Friday June 23rd at the Ranch for a day of fun, relaxation and great music. Your adventure will take place in heavy oak timber and scattered grassy fields. Santa Cruz Ranch has been in existence since 2000. We maintain a great population of trophy axis deer, fallow deer, and aoudad roaming our beautiful 4300-acre ranch in Oklahoma. We provide Luxury 5-Star lodging with all the amenities. If all of that hunting isn't enough we also offer hunts in Western Colorado for Buffalo, Exotic Rams, Exotic Goats, Water Buffalo, Watusi, Free Range Mule Deer and More! We pride ourselves in maintaining one of the nicest hunting reserves in the state of Pennsylvania - more than 200 mountain acres full of rolling hills, streams, swamps, and fields. Youth hunting license for under 17 years old resident or non-resident (type 169). We want the hunt to feel as authentic as possible, while still going home with a trophy of a lifetime. If youll have a positive outlook from the beginning to the end, then we believe youll be truly pleased with your hunt and our operation. Cypress Creek Whitetails Ranch is a premier high-fence hunting ranch located in the scenic wildlife lands of Western Kentucky. cheapest high fence deer hunts. Matching wits with the evasion skills of whitetail deer is a thrill. The Swamp Whitetails in Alabama offers Guided Trophy Whitetail Deer Hunts for trophy bucks that range from 140 inches to 300+ inches. Powder Ridge Outfitters offers high quality trophy whitetail hunting in the heart of Pennsylvanias Appalachian foothills. We are able to completely control the harvest rate. It is laced with a network of trails, food plots, beautiful streams and ponds, and has been intensively managed for trophy whitetail deer, elk, buffalo, and axis deer. Our animals are typically more wild than most other preserves. We offer an add on doe to your hunt, and we also offer a 2 day doe hunt spread over a 3 day period beginning mid January. 1 (844) 631-0595. We have hunted all over the world and we're determined to . We specialize in trophy estate elk hunting in Western Colorado. Share. Big Cove Whitetails has been a family-owned and operated high fence hunting ranch, with a goal to give you, our client, nothing but the best. Our Texas ranches offer second to none exotic hunts for just about any species you desire to hunt allowing us to accommodate anyones hunting interests. Virgin brush ranches in this prime location are not only rare but highly coveted by whitetail deer and nature enthusiasts. taxi fare calculator birmingham; leo sun, libra moon scorpio rising If you have ever dreamed of chasing giant whitetails through the fields and oak ridges of the Appalachians, we are the outfitter to fulfill that dream. If you'll be unhappy going home without a kill, we'd suggest you consider a high fence hunt with a different operation. When youre not out hunting, comfort and relaxation are the top priority for our guests. Samson's Ridge LLC has become the premier location for those who desire the heart-stopping sight of monster whitetail bucks during the action of the hunt. The boundaries of the ranch are high fenced for game management purposes and the game movements are not restricted within, no fenced off pastures or pens in our hunting areas. In 2016 Santa Cruz Ranch was acquired by Eric J Garza. A fantastic hunt on a sprawling Colorado ranch. Since 2011| Located in Collbran, Colorado. Relax and have a cold beverage next to the fire and make new friends with the staff and fellow hunters. Hurricane Creek is absolutely a 1st class experience! Located in Central Alabama, The Swamp Whitetails is a 1500-acre high fence trophy whitetail deer hunting operation providing the ultimate deer hunting experience. Cross Oaks Ranch Offers Blackbuck Antelope, Axis Deer, Fallow Deer, and Iranian Red Sheep on our 2,490 acre hunting ranch. On the rare occasion you don't harvest a whitetail, you will still be . If youre looking for a serious guided New Mexico hunting adventure the kind of hunting experience that brings majestic, bugling, trophy bulls in so close the hair will stand up on the back of your neck, then youll want to book with LOH Outfitters. The factors that make our ranch so ideal for trophy deer and elk hunting are the combination of great genetics and rich nutrient food plots that play a huge role in creating a sanctuary for reclusive monster whitetail bucks and massive bull elk. Guaranteed Colorado Buffalo Hunts for meat buffalo or monster herd bull hunts for trophy buffalo well over 2,000 pounds. Fort Deposit Outfitters is 1,088 acres intensively managed ground, high-fenced, in Lowndes County, Alabama and is perhaps the finest trophy whitetail property of its size in South Alabama. Deer hunting is always unpredictable, however we are confident that you will We hang our hat on making sure that our hunters have the best experience possible. Description: Guests participating on this package generally harvest a bull ranging in size between 350" - 375". Ohio Hunting the Way It Should Be! Outfitter Web Design by 3plains. We provide a lot of coverage and natural browse for our animals to stay hid and healthy. Therefore, as an example, on the up to 350" package you can expect to harvest a bull somewhere in the 325"-350" range. By accepting our use of cookies, your data will be aggregated with all other user data. If you are interested in a trophy bull elk over 400", please contact us for availability and pricing. The Preserve Doe Hunt is a great way to stock up your freezers! Our goal is to be as accessible as possible! At The Cross Oaks Ranch we do not charge by each inch, so you don't have to worry about paying those high trophy fees as you have that nice whitetail in your scope! Picture an American Safari in the heart of the Cherokee Nation with picturesque views of beautiful mountains, streams, lakes, and more wildlife than you've ever seen before. We know what hunters enjoy, and we will endeavor to make your hunt or harvest one filled with great memories. This results in some very old and very large whitetails with superior genetics. We high fenced our South and East along our County FM hi-way, to keep poachers and trespassers off and from shooting deer and Exotics from the County Rd. Looking for a quality Elk hunt accompanied by a luxury ranch experience? tim beveridge newstalk zb, olive garden early bird specials,