Crafted From Nature

Our beers are made from all-natural, locally and internationally sourced ingredients that make our beers fresh and super drinkable on any day for everyone.

Ensuring every sip delivers our passion and creativity to push the boundaries, Beaches Brewing Co. Bali is a reflection of our love for the craft beer movement in Indonesia.

Locally Brewed,
Independently Owned

As an independent brewery, we embrace the freedom to infuse creativity and passion into our beers, creating distinctive flavors that reflect our unique character.

Our meaningful connection to the local community and land inspires us to place sustainability as one of our core values.

Our Signature Beer Styles

Are you prepared to embark on a journey of craft beer like never before? Look no further than our exceptional beers

Pale Ale

Bursting with a world of flavour.  Our Pale Ale is beautifully balanced, low in bitterness and awesomely smashable.

ABV 4.5 | IBU 30

Aroma 7/10 | Bitterness 4/10 | Malts 3/10


Created to crush any thirst. Our light bodied lager, with a crisp citrus finish is perfect for every session. Classic, Crips, Crushable.

ABV 4.6 | IBU 16

Aroma 10/10 | Bitterness 3/10 | Malts 4/10

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Behind The Brewery

Michael Chandra

Managing Director

Jane Maknawi

Managing Director

Samara Füss

Chief Brewer

Christiaan Greyling

Lead Brewer

Danielle Darwent

Packaging Manager

Arik Saputra


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Whether you’re looking to stock our beer, have a quick question, or just want to let us know what you thought of our beer. Simply call or whats app us on +62 8111 2101 223 or use the contact form below.

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